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About Us

Welcome to Crescent Spring Body Healing Centre, we are a well established health care centre in Perth. our full-trained staff will provide clients with a full range of natural treatment which include:

Chinese acupressure massage, Swedish massage,Acupuncture,

Vacuum cupping,Ion cleanse foot spa,Hot stone massage,              

Aromatherapy, Essential healing oil massage,Sports massage,                 

Reflexology,Pregnancy massage and many more to improve wellbeing by promoting blood circulation, relieving stiffness, pain, and stress, releasing toxins, and refreshing the mind and spirit.


Benefit of our natural treatment

Relieve muscle tension and stiffness

Improve micro-circulation, and the movement of lymph fluids

Increase the oxygen flow in the blood and improve metabolism

Provide greater joint flexibility

Relieve stress-related headaches &insomnia

Improve the quality of sleep

Reduce hypertension and regulate blood pressure

Strengthen the immune system

Relive body toxins and rebalance the body

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